What Happened to Dave?

Ok, so you're probably wondering why the new name, and why you can't see me. These are good questions, and the answer is simple with a very long history.

For the last several years, I've known that I wanted to do more for the creative community. I want to help boost other artists and designers up in a way that puts more confidence in their hearts and money in their pockets.

However, I didn't know exactly how I was meant to make that happen... until now.

What was once my personal domain is now the home to SPRLTV, a creative stock agency built with the intent to share and support creative work in a way that I feel isn't being served by other companies. You can read more about that HERE.

For the moment, my personal domain will point to this site, but I'm building a new home for daveconrey.com, which will take on a new persona. That will be more focused on sharing videos and written stories, with a smattering of artistic expression

SPRLTV is my main business now, and I'm 100% focused on this, because I know I can do more for creative people here than I did before, and I'm excited about that. I hope you are too.

You can always still find me on YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter.