SUPERLATIVE [ suh-pur-luh-tiv, soo- ]


  1. Of the highest kind, quality, or order; surpassing all else or others; supreme; extreme:superlative wisdom.
  2. The utmost degree.

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There are plenty of large, corporate, creative agencies catering to the lowest common denominator, capitalizing on trends and fads just to make fast profit. They raise prices for customers while at the same time cutting the shared revenue percentages with the creators who make the products.

We believe this is wrong!

SPRLTV was founded in 2022 to push back against these trend-hunting sites to provide a more rich, focused, and perhaps eccentric selection of visual elements.

We curate what we truly enjoy and appreciate, and are not driven by trends. At the same time, we are building trustworthy and fair relationships with a choice selection of creative people to bring you only the best work we can find.

While you have many choices for your graphic resources, we hope you'll choose SPRLTV, not just for the cool stuff we share, but for what we stand for in the creative world.

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For the Makers:

If you're like us, you've been turned down, pushed aside, and had the rules changed by the corporate stock agencies. They get you in the door and eventually pull the rug from underneath your feet. 

They change the commission structure, change their business model, stop promoting your work, and change direction to lean into generic aesthetics. They are more concerned about volume than they are quality. They are more concerned about bottom line revenue than they are about serving the creative community.

At SPRLTV, we will not change our commission structure unless it's in favor of the makers. 

We will never become a subscription-only business model. 

We will not maintain a complicated, tiered licensing structure. Let's be honest, nobody pays attention to those anyway.

We will always maintain a fair price for products and will not undercut our competitors.

We are small, independent, punk rock, and will practice fearless creativity until we die.

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In 2020, after being rejected by these corporate stock agencies, designer and SPRLTV founder, Dave Conrey decided to pave his own path. Instead of getting sad and kicking rocks about the rejections, he shook his fist at those giant entities and hollered, "I'll do it my damn self."

While building his own graphic assets collection, he saw a vacuous hole in the creative universe and knew he had an opportunity to fill it. In April 2022, SPRLTV was founded, and here it will remain as the middle finger in face of stale vision and corporate greed.