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We're Doing It Live

Today is going to be a good day. I get the opportunity to live stream my work process, share it with the world, or at least a few individuals who want to see how I work.

When I consider this more deeply, it's a fairly amazing feat. Normally, I appreciate being able to share my process with one person, face-to-face. With the live video, I get the chance to do that with multiple people from across the planet all at once.

We take this access for granted now as something part of our everyday life, but it wasn't that long ago when we had to be in a room together to get that kind of information from someone.

Seminars became webinars, Conferences became live streams, and simple get togethers became Zoom calls, even if the people on that call live in the same city.

I do more FaceTime calls now than ever, and take far fewer phone calls. I meet up with others less, but gather across the internet more. My social life seems to belong more in the Metaverse than ever, with most of my interactions with others existing almost exclusively in Zoom, Discord, or YouTube Live.

This feels progressive and dystopian at the same time, but I'm choosing to see it for the opportunity that it can become. There's a person in another state, or another country, looking for answers to questions that I may be able to help them with.

Over the next 31 days, I hope that there are at least 31 people who find value in what I'm sharing. Maybe it's a new understanding of a topic, or perhaps I'm a bright spot in the middle of their day which helps them feel better about things.

That's pretty special and I don't take that responsibility lightly. In fact, I relish the chance. Let's see where this experience takes us.

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