It's Too Easy to Drop the Ball

It's Too Easy to Drop the Ball

Has anyone ever put a metric on how easy it is to disrupt a streak?

I set out this month to both write daily and live stream to YouTube daily. I've failed at both already.

The YouTube one was less of a problem for me. Live Streaming takes a considerable amount of energy and time out of my day, and because I was streaming for more than 2 hours the first few days, that was just not sustainable. I have too many other things going on to put that kind of time into that project.

Or is that an excuse?

The writing was a bit more of a surprise to me. This only takes me about 15 (+/-) to finish, but I completely skipped it yesterday. I even set up a daily reminder in my calendar to make sure I focus on it, but somehow zoomed right past it.

I think the catalyst was on Monday, instead of journaling, I told myself writing my script for YouTube was good enough. It's not.

I suppose I missed two days of writing, but really surprises me is how easily a blasted right past the goal yesterday without even thinking about it. In fact, it wasn't until I got my calendar reminder today when I realized I didn't write anything yesterday.

There is salvation for me though. In fact, I'm actively working through it right now. This is my penance, which really isn't much of a punishment. I'm actually relieved to be back at it.

These posts have been a welcome solace in the morning. Sitting with a cup of coffee while I riff about thoughts of the previous day feel like the perfect amount of jumpstart juice.

Now, if I could only remember to put this energy into penning my next newsletter.

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