I really should write more

It's been a long time since I posted anything. I know I should write more, but I often wonder how relevant my written words are anymore to a world that has more appreciation for 15-second video snippets of people dancing. That might be one of the most cynical things I've said (written) in a while, but no less the truth about the current state of things.

However, I know that I have a flair for words. I know that people appreciate how I express myself when I put fingers to keys and maybe it's long-past the time I get back to that, even if nobody is reading. This is the record of things, and maybe the world will pay attention if I do it enough.

Does Google still rank blog posts from small writers anymore? 

Damn, more cynicism. That's probably not the best way for me to kick off a rejuvenation of creative output. 

The short story is that I blame Bobby Hundreds for inspiring me to get back to the written word. Maybe this post would have had a better tone if I had something than my own navel gazing represented. There are a lot of things happening behind the scenes lately, so let's discuss the short story on those now and perhaps go in further detail in the near future.

First, I'm working on my first online courses. The first few will all be design/product related to help other people turn their design skills into things that can be shared and sold to others. I also have plans for a course that helps people use print-on-demand to turn art into more passive income, but that's a few months out yet. 

Second, I'm prepping for a big purge. I have been steadily moving away from physical art and diving deeper into 100% digital creative output. So that means I'll be doing everything I can to remove all physical representations of my art within the next year. Not only does that include the art, but also the materials. I just don't have the space (both in my studio, and in my head) for all these things any longer.

The digital exploration also includes a deeper dive into NFTs in 2022, but there's a long, long road to travel before I get there. The education space in that arena is still pretty thin, so I will also be sharing all my thoughts on the topic as I go. 

A lot happening, and much of it all happening at the same time, which is also a bit of a problem. I've always been the type to juggle many projects at once, and I'm not sure that served me well. So in the coming year, as much as I have going, I will be trying to narrow the focus even more. We'll see how that works out.

Ok, brain dump over. 

If you're reading this in a timely fashion, I hope you have a Wonderful holiday with family and friends. Or if you're the type to spend time alone during this time, many thoughts out to you from my family to you.

I'll see you around next year I'm sure.

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