I quit making art for this.

I quit making art for this.

Let's consider this the first official blog post of this new identity, SPRLTV. If you're new here, that may not make sense, but just a few weeks prior to this, I switched this site over from being a personal shop for my own designs to the start-up entity it is now.

I thought about removing the old posts, but I decided that would be a bad SEO move. I assume my name still brings in some attention, so I might as well leave the old stuff just in case.

And for all you new folks, welcome to the party, and here's just a few things you can expect to see on this blog going forward:

  • Sharing new product announcements
  • Talking about new partners who come on board
  • Sharing the work of interesting designers and artists that we stumble upon
  • Micro biographies on notable art and design influences
  • Tips and how-tos, mostly revolving around the products we feature
  • Special deals, key announcements, and of course, these random missives

Knowing that most people don't seek out blogs except without a specific intention, I recommend you join thew newsletter, because we'll be sending out messages with all the news we share here, and other things.

Finally, for more clarity on what exactly happened with the site, check out these two recent videos. They will explain everything.

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