Art is Dead!

Art is Dead!

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Oh man, I'm going to get some seriously angry eyeballs with that headline, I know it, but before you light your pitch forks, can I share a short history lesson?

In 2013, I laid off from my corporate, art director job. At the time, I was ready to leave and I even had plan to jump later that year. However, the timely lay-off and a fat severance check helped me make that happen.

At the time, I was building a thriving blog, launched a podcast about creative entrepreneurship, and had even self-published my first book. Things were going really well for awhile, but because I wasn't working on any personal art and design projects at the time, and I was getting really tired of working for clients on design projects I had no real connection with, I suffered some extreme burnout. 

The answer was to start making more of my own art projects and design related projects, which completely upended my entire self-employment strategy up to that point. 

Many years later, and I've been feeling a huge tug to get back to that space where I share personal entrepreneurial stories, and mentor those who want the same. As you might imagine, this creates a bit of a conflict in me.

Being an independent creative, unburdened by the struggle of trading time for money in a client-based business, why would I actively seek out serving others instead of serving myself?

Honestly, it just feels better. 

Making art is cool. 

I love it, but it's not nearly as cool as seeing the look on someone's face when you've helped them get past an obstacle they've struggled with before talking to me.

Since the start of 2022, I've been quietly (and slowly) been working on a new website design that will bring a new focus to what I'm offering here. And though that focus will be a combination of these two worlds I've created, the focus on what gets shared and created will be much more focused. 

Will I still make art? Absolutely, but what gets shared here will be different. And if it doesn't fit here, then I'll find a new home for it (NFTs anyone?).

Because I will always make time for art, but it's never going to be my whole day. I'm much more excited about being able to help others, and I'm way overdue for making that the best part of the equation. 

Stay tuned.

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